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Thursday, December 09, 2004

And by HA HA HA I Mean Oh, How Unfortunate

Received Thursday, 9 December 2004 15:48:00 GMT
A new round of cost-cutting at British-based global news agency Reuters will see about 100 editorial posts "affected", Reuters' global managing editor said on Thursday.
Some of these people would be moved to other jobs within the agency, but some jobs would be lost, David Schlesinger told AFP.
"The note that we put out today told staff that we anticipate now, with the budget completion, that about 100 more positions within editorial would be affected," he said.
"A hundred posts will be affected, but the total global editorial workforce, the actual number, will end up very much the same by the end of 2005. That may mean that they will move to other assignments. It may mean that they will eventually leave the company."

What a sad, sad day for all the people of all the lands...Tragically it is only 100 editorial posts and not 100% of the editorial/reporter staff being infected or affected or effected or whatever.


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