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Friday, December 17, 2004

The New Regressives

From The American Thinker, a brilliant piece that ever-so-nicely sums up the current faux-"Progressive" Democrats:

Progressives are still stuck, conceptually and politically, in the era of railways, steel, sewing machines and coal tar-based chemicals as high technology. The era when labor unions were the defenders of oppressed workers pressed against the margin of starvation. Their current day protectionist policies, as well as their adherence to unions which have become bastions of restriction on free exchange, reveal this nostalgic set of priorities quite clearly.

Economic progress is the last thing in which political progressives are interested. They fight a rearguard action to preserve from progress the entrenched interests which donate money to them, and which depend on government favor to guarantee their security in an uncertain world. Progressives cloak their economic policies in the garb of compassion, an effort to ameliorate the pain that comes with change. They don’t dare advocate the logical end point of their economic inclinations, because “socialism” has even a worse odor than liberalism.


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