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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Repub Sex Symbol

Via InDC comes this tidbit:

What a drive. Over the river and through the swamps. But so worth the time, because the Beatles are playing. Or is it the Stones? Or Outcast? Or Maroon 5?
Actually, it’s Cheney’s band. Here in Louisiana, that’s newly-elected Republican Congressman Bobby Jindal, newly-elected Republican Sen. David Vitter, wanna-be Republican congressman Dr. Charles Boustany, and Vice President Dick Cheney, the man.
It’s hard to explain the phenomenon, but I’m a little horrified to tell you that in his way Cheney is well, a rock star. Yes. He has that quality.(...)
(...) Cheney has sex appeal with women. Men stare at him in envy and awe. And not just women you’d expect, like your mom or grandma. Cheney connects with babes. And makes them blush and flush and cry with joy or something. Oh blechhhh! And yet, it’s true. I drove, I arrived, I saw with my own eyes.


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